“Our purpose is to create a world with more humanity by evoking people’s purpose, positive mindset, and possibilities.”
Clara Lucia Jaramillo-Carrier, Founder of
Breaking Through Consulting & Coaching

FOUNDATION Purpose or reason to exist (a rallying cry)

1. Engage (Consciousness)

Understand the present state, the unmet needs, crisis, or desired yearning that an individual or organization wants to pursue, and why.


According to studies, living with purpose makes us healthier, live longer, sleep better, delegate better, have more grace and resilience under pressure, and have better intimacy. Having purpose at the core has the power to move individuals or organizations from crisis to sustainability to contributing back to society.

Who We Are

Breaking Through Consulting & Coaching supports, encourages, and equips individuals and organizations to effectively and efficiently embrace their imperfect humanity and fulfill their purpose.

Our Mission

To help individuals and organizations break through, advance, and increase their influence and impact by understanding their imperfect humanity and activating their purpose.

Our Vision

A world where there is more empathy, meaning, and fulfillment for everyone, starting with ourselves.

Our Values

With these core values, Breaking Through Consulting & Coaching collaborates with individuals and organizations to uncover their purpose, unleash their potential, and increase their impact.

Purposeful Approach

Purpose is a catalyst for change. We help individuals and organizations position their purpose at the core of who they are and what they do so they can compel, engage, and mobilize themselves and others into action. Our solution-based strategies help individuals and organizations move through challenges so they can discover, fulfill, and sustain their purpose over time.


We work, grow, learn, succeed, and celebrate our humanity together. We collaborate with individuals and organizations so they can embrace their humanity and bring their purpose to life by understanding who they are now and who they can become next.


We not only establish a thoughtful, clear plan, which will help us fulfill our own purpose, but we apply ourselves fully to that plan with humanity, aliveness, accountability, and truth. Commitment involves putting our best, most authentic beings into everything we do. We believe in stretching ourselves, taking risks, and being open to continually learning and growing.

Service & Success

Our main goal is to help others accept their imperfect humanity and activate their purpose so they can reach their potential by putting our resources to use in their best interest. After all, we know that the highest quality relationships in our practice are those in which our team members and clients know that we deeply care about them and their interests, fulfillment, wellbeing, and success.

Why Breaking Through Consulting & Coaching?

We have a purpose. And we want others to have and activate theirs for their fulfillment, influence, and contribution to the world. We believe in people's humanity, see their strengths, and empower them by bringing out their best. We are with you, we are for you, we are here to help you start breaking through and thrive.

Meet Clara Lucia, Founder of Breaking Through Consulting & Coaching:

I am a proud Colombian American and founder of Breaking Through Consulting & Coaching and Let’s Awaken Purpose. I left Corporate America in pursuit of my own purpose – to awaken more humanity in the world.

Motivated by a desire to contribute and inspired by my name’s meaning, “clear light,” I obtained a Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership and Coaching, the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and received recognition from the Graduate School Alliance for Education in Coaching. I am devoted to helping individuals and organizations ignite purpose, instill hope, and foster growth to become better human beings and true agents for positive change.

As an empathetic and experienced consultant, I serve stagnant businesses to become stronger brands by elevating their purpose, developing clear messaging, and determining strategic priorities. My work as a brand strategist, communicator, and nonprofit adviser fills me with joy.

As a Latina and an immigrant, I have overcome many challenges and barriers in my personal and professional life. I spent decades feeling like a minority, trying to fit in, and struggling with perfecting, performing, and pleasing as means to find belonging. Balancing a demanding career and making space for relationships and hobbies that mattered to me was also difficult. Exhaustion and a longing for more meaning drove me to venture into my personal growth. Through coaching and a yearning-based education, I realized that loving and embracing all my life experiences actually equipped me to contribute to others greatly. I learned to channel my inner power, light, and imperfect being into creating belonging and uplifting others who are going through life and career changes and transitions.

I now integrate my 20-year corporate experience and passion for serving others through my consulting and coaching, while continuing my own transformation.  My mission is to create a world with more humanity by evoking people’s purpose, positive mindset, and possibilities.

Trained as a communicator, marketer, and journalist, I have been dedicated to strengthening and growing people and brands to find their purpose and sustain it over time. My work includes working with nonprofits such as Ronald McDonald House Charities®, EverThrive Illinois, Curamericas Global, Willow Creek Community Church, Opus Peace, People’s Resource Center, Cardenas Markets Foundation, The American Hearing Research Foundation, CASA Kane County; and for-profit companies like McDonald’s Corporation, The Hershey Company, Verizon, Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA), Ferrara Candy Company, and Southern Illinois University.

No matter where you or your organization stands, my work ignites purpose and helps achieve greater success and impact.

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