Career Coaching (Increase Your Self-Confidence)

Career Coaching (Increase Your Self-Confidence)

Over 50% of employees in America claim they are unhappy with their jobs, and 80% feel stressed at work. Most are paralyzed by fear—they feel stuck, unhappy, bored, and disengaged. I help professionals gain clarity around their career aspirations and increase the confidence required to go out and successfully ask for that promotion or make the career change they so much desire and deserve. 

I only want to work with high-performing professionals ready and committed to achieving their next career success and satisfaction level. Are you one of them? Together, we will:

  • Invest in Personal Growth: Purpose is the “why” of your life, a motivational force that can propel you into a worthwhile career that is true to yourself and filled with authentic pursuits, more happiness, and high performance.
  • Increase Critical Thinking: Recognize and move away from your biases, preconceptions, stinking thinking, and cognitive distortions, and towards activating your critical thinking by questioning assumptions, reasoning through logic, and diversifying your thought and perspectives.
  • Get Out of the Drama Triangle: Understand that while you are neurologically programmed to play a power game, you can choose to identify your role (Victim, Rescuer, and Persecutor), change your behavior, and take new actions.
  • Accelerate Job Transitions and Career Change: Transitions and change can be daunting. Wanting to change is not enough to overcome being stuck and feeling paralyzed, but retraining your brain is. You can do so by embracing, clarifying the reasons for change, identifying your strengths, befriending your fear, and asking for help.
  • Understand and Exploit the Fight, Flight, or Freeze Response: Move away from disregarding your state of emotional reactivity or survival and start playing the “name it to tame it” game. Learn to get some distance so you can process, make informed decisions, and take more satisfying actions.

Learn about my "Breaking Through Coaching Method" and discover how you can break through, achieve your goals, and create sustained transformations.

How It Works

It starts with the Breaking Through Got Purpose Assessment Tool™. Understanding your purpose is your responsibility. Working with purpose improves communication skills, interpersonal skills, work performance, work/life balance, and wellness. Begin to unlock yours.

After completing the assessment, I will review the results with you at no cost and discuss if this kind of Coaching can benefit you.


“After two months of working with Clara, I quit my previous job and got a new position more aligned to my professional goals, significantly less stressed, and received a substantial pay increase. We recently looked back at some of the recordings of our earliest sessions, and I don't recognize that girl anymore."

Lydie-Claire Brown, Technical Account Manager


“Clara has a phenomenal open ear and really, truly listens to me and gives me the space to work through my goals.”

Ellen C


"Working with Clara was beneficial for my professional and personal life. I identified that I could be a positive and influential person in both environments by speaking up and asking the hard questions no one else will ask. With Clara’s support, I’m more confidently showing up at meetings, delegating, and voicing my opinions.”

Connie Davis, Contract Specialist

Benefits of Career Coaching:

  • Only 20% of workers across America feel passionate about their jobs (Harris Interactive.)
  • 500-700% is the reported reliable return on investment for executive coaching (iPEC.) Coaching clients report that they improve relationships (73%), communication skills (72%), interpersonal skills (71%), work performance (70%), work/life balance (67%), and wellness (63%) thanks to Coaching (2009 ICF Global Coaching Study.)
  • According to a study, coaching has a 221% ROI (International Society for Performance Improvement.)

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