Breaking Through Coaching

Breaking Through Coaching

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My name is Clara Lucia Carrier. I am a proud Colombian American and founder of Breaking Through Consulting and Coaching and Let’s Awaken Purpose. After decades of acculturation, feeling like a minority, and trying to fit in, I realized that I could thrive by integrating the best of two worlds. As such, I am able to support others who are going through life and career changes and transitions. In 2014, I left Corporate America in pursuit of my own purpose – to awaken more humanity in the world. 

Motivated by a desire to contribute and inspired by my name’s meaning, “clear light,” I obtained a Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership and Coaching, the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and received recognition from the Graduate School Alliance for Education in Coaching. I am devoted to helping individuals and organizations ignite purpose, instill hope, and foster growth to become better human beings and true agents for positive change through Breaking Through Coaching. 

Coaching is my vocation to help others leverage their unique purpose and get in touch with their whole being—mind, body, and heart—so they can change, achieve their goals, and have a more significant impact on the world. 

At Breaking Through Coaching, we specifically serve people to boost their performance, improve their well-being, and strengthen their relationships by combining 20 + years of corporate, branding, and nonprofit experience with a deep knowledge of social-emotional intelligence and mental fitness training. 

We meet our clients right where they are and offer them a safe, empathetic, and stimulating atmosphere to get in touch with their humanity. To support our clients, we integrate elements from Developmental Theory, Adlerian Psychology, Human Potential, Existential Philosophy, and Neuroscience. We have found that we work best with decisive clients who take bold action and desire different results. 

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Discover what’s holding you back so you can break through, achieve your goals, and create sustained transformations through:

(Your Compass)

Positive Mindset
(Your Superpower)

(Your Choices)

Breaking Through Coaching is founded on a psychological theory called Grounded Leadership which states that individuals have the capacity both to understand and  engage in activities intended to transform consciously. Based on this theory, and as a result of my own experience and years of learning how to break through and reach my full potential, I created an evidence-based, three-step transformational technology called the “Breaking Through Coaching Method”:

Engage: Consciousness

Discover new insights and become more aware of the present state of your life, career, business, or organization and the limiting beliefs and thoughts from your past that have kept you from achieving desired outcomes.

Envision: Charge Forward

Create a powerful vision that you will use as a beacon to lead toward your desired outcomes. Determine what it will take to implement that vision through actionable steps, support systems, and strategies.

Execute: Change

Prioritize and take action toward your vision. Start experimenting, taking risks, communicating effectively, and following a deeper meaning and purpose. Rewire your brain to think more positively.

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