Discovering Purpose

Discovering Purpose

My Personal Journey

My purpose is your purpose, but that hasn’t always been the case. I spent much of my life discovering my purpose, even though I didn’t necessarily know that’s what I was doing. In hindsight, everything that I have done prior to founding Breaking Through Consulting helped me to find the answer to my why. Now, it helps me to help find your why as well.

I help organizations and individuals discover their purpose so they can unleash their potential and increase their impact. And though I mostly work with people in a professional sense, helping them to grow their business, there has never been a time when I found that someone’s personal purpose was not somehow tied to their professional one.


Looking Into Your Past to Uncover Your Purpose

My past experiences, my family, my faith, the ups and downs of life have influenced me in my professional career. The same goes for you. Let me tell you how my past experiences have influenced me. Hopefully, it will help explain what I mean and help you to better understand your own purpose.

I started my career in the corporate world, working for for-profit organizations. My time with these companies taught me a lot. I learned how to be a saleswoman that authentically builds connections with others, and finds ways to make a difference and achieve fulfillment. However, I knew that I wanted more meaningful work, and when I was offered a position with the global office of Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC), I felt drawn to it. I soon learned that working for a non-profit was much more difficult in a lot of ways, but, to me, it was infinitely more rewarding.

I was beginning to uncover my purpose. I had found fulfillment working for a non-profit. Still, there was something more I was looking for. I remember suddenly realizing my purpose, my purpose to help others discover theirs. At RMHC, I took immense pride in my work, but I knew that if I created my own consulting firm, I would be able to help even more people discover their purpose. So that’s what I did.

Outside of my business, I’m a wife, mother, and learner. As a wife, I support my husband in his purpose, personally and professionally. And he supports me, as well. As a mother, I’m always encouraging my son to live a purposeful life and to pursue experiences that will help him to uncover and enhance his purpose. As a learner, I am committed to develop myself, challenge myself and find better ways to enrich my purpose. As a result, I am a student at the Wright Graduate University, studying the Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership and Coaching. This program is preparing me to be a better coach and leader.

These aren’t qualities that are unique to me. Many wives, husbands, partners, mothers, and fathers do the same in their families. But this idea of purpose and helping others discover theirs spoke to me deeply, professionally and personally, and inspired me to create Breaking Through Consulting. Not only did I have my purpose, but I also had a direction for it.


Bringing Your Purpose to the Surface

The reason I say that I help you “discover” your purpose and not “create” purpose is that every single person already has a purpose—it’s just a matter of uncovering it and bringing it to the surface. Everyone has a purpose, and it’s important that you not only uncover it, but refine it, give it direction, and find power in it.

Funding your purpose is the catalyst for breaking through. Once you place your purpose at the heart of everything you do, you will see how it drives your business forward, and you’ll experience amazing growth, both personally and professionally. It’s a long journey, but you deserve the incredible fulfillment that waits for you at the end.

To learn more about my past and my path to discovering my purpose, check out the video that I did with Go4Ceo where I share my story. You can also check out my Got Purpose Assessment Tool™ for individuals or for organizations and start uncovering, refining, and unleashing your purpose, today.

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