Breaking Through Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Breaking Through Speaking Engagements & Workshops

The world is longing for more humanity. In the last five years, I have come to recognize that unless we can tap into our development and embrace our imperfect humanity, we will continue to lack kindness, humility, and fulfillment.

From a deep desire to contribute, and in honor of my given name, Clara Lucia, which means “clear light,” I have created the Start Breaking Through Transformative Model. This evidence-based approach aims to help individuals and organizations get back in touch with their humanity (body, mind, and heart), awaken their purpose, and tap into their inner potential. The ultimate goal is to empower individuals to become better human beings and true agents for positive change.

Through tailored speeches, workshops, and coaching support, I help people gain a better understanding of themselves, shift limiting perspectives, and create new transformational behaviors.

Becoming a more purposeful, caring, impactful, and positive human being is a personal responsibility and the most important discovery toward a more fulfilled and satisfying way of living, loving, and leading. Let’s get started!

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The Start Breaking Through Model:

A Five-Step Journey to Become a More Purposeful, Caring, and Impactful Leader and Human Being.


1. Awaken Your Purpose: Rediscover your Tue Self to Live, Love, and Lead with Greater Intention and Purpose

Individuals and leaders who are purposeful can instill confidence, and hope, and lead others through change. Create a more impactful way of living, loving, and leading through self-reflection, recognizing your inherent wiring, and uncovering your true purpose.

2. Activate Your Mindset: Master the Art of Mind Control, Because YOU are the Boss, Not Your Brain!

Your mind is a powerful tool that can either work for you or against you.
Learn to manage your mind and thoughts so you can harness its power to achieve your goals and create a happier, less stressful, and more fulfilling life.

3. Raise Your Emotional Intelligence: Handle Stress, Resolve Conflicts, and Take Criticism Better.

Social-emotional intelligence is an indispensable skill for everyone. In fact,
emotional intelligence outweighs IQ in achieving success in life, career, and business. Learn the key strategies to increase your EQ so you can handle stress, improve relationships and teamwork, resolve conflicts, and take criticism.

4. Move From Drama to Delight: Create Fulfilling Relationships for Our Mental and Emotional Well-Being.

Do your relationships at home and work leave you feeling uplifted and supported or drained and exhausted? Acknowledging the quality of relationships plays a key role in making changes that can improve your overall well-being. Get out of The Drama Triangle and build strong, nurturing, and delightful relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

5. Be More Human: Improve Productivity and Performance

To improve productivity and performance, it is essential to cultivate an
environment of openness, accountability, and continuous improvement. This involves acknowledging and accepting our human imperfections. Learn how to promote a culture where people take responsibility for their actions, learn from mistakes, and strive for excellence, innovation, efficiency, and overall success.


  • &nbspLearn about the neuroscience of purpose and its benefits.
  • &nbspExplore how different brain regions impact well-being, productivity, and happiness.
  • &nbspLearn how to manage, control, and comprehend emotions using the labeling effect.
  • &nbspLearn healthy conflict-resolution skills.
  • &nbspLearn how to enhance system functionality through process calling, naming dynamics, and the "yes and" technique.

If you’re an organization that is ready to ignite your highest human potential, let’s jump on a 15-minute discovery call so you can start to fulfill your purpose, sustain it over time, and magnify your impact.

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