Opus Peace

Opus Peace

Opus Peace

The Challenges:
Opus Peace, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a meaningful experience through Soul Injury educational programs that transform lives around the world, was seeking to assess the current state of its programming, products, and services to determine the most effective ways to market these to specific targeted audiences.

The Method:
Through Breaking Through Consulting’s unique Got Purpose Assessment tool and discovery process, Breaking Through Consulting supported Opus Peace to find and understand its purpose as a foundation to redefining its brand proposition.

After identifying its primary audiences, developing a message map, and identifying the best communication vehicles, they feel re-energized and reconnected to their purpose and ready to make a more significant impact.

The Breakthrough:
Positioned as a robust, integrated, and holistic nonprofit, Opus Peace is now offering its unique educational materials in a more succinct, clear, and compelling way. Opus Peace volunteers, staff, and Board Members are better equipped, trained, and eager to successfully grow and meet the organization’s business goals.

Now they see themselves as an effective and empathetic sales team united by the same purpose – to educate people about restoring personal peace after experiencing distress caused by Soul Injury.

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