Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA)

The Challenges:
Breaking Through Consulting was asked to find, understand, re-define, and activate the purpose of the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA), as a strong, integrated, and holistic membership-based nonprofit that offers a unique community where passionate RV owners canlearn, grow, share, and venture out.

The Method:
Through Breaking Through Consulting’s unique Got Purpose Assessment tool and discovery process, Breaking Through Consulting helped FMCA to develop a framework, determine priority initiatives, define outcomes, and outline what the organization needed to do in order to increase and retain members.

The Breakthrough:
FMCA was able to successfully see a 180-degree change in creating awareness, deep understanding, and engagement with its membership base through a compelling, clear, more humanized story and revamped marketing, communications, and promotional efforts targetingspecific audiences.

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