Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®), Inc. #2

The Challenges:
Since 2014, Breaking Through Consulting has worked to support marketing and communication efforts on behalf of the RMHC® Global team, the RMHC® System, and its 290+ Chapters across 60+ countries and regions around the globe.

The Method:
Breaking Through Consulting audited 100+ RMHC® Chapter websites and communication materials and then provided feedback on how to best address the RMHC® brand compliance and digital accessibility guidelines.

Also, Breaking Through Consulting has provided ongoing translation and interpretation services for the RMHC® Global Marketing & Communications team, Field Operations, as well as support for local RMHC® Chapters, and management of the implementation of the RMHC® America Latina websites.

The Breakthrough:
RMHC® was able to meet the deadlines for 80 percent of its websites and communications reviews. Through Breaking Through Consulting’s attention to detail, project management, and persistence the entire RMHC® Global team was on track. Throughout the audits, we developed and provided clear implementation feedback and recommendations to address and solve identified issues.

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