Our Purpose = Our Becoming

I did not have ideal parents. No one does. I grew up with no awareness or education around the significance of my own emotions or my inner being. I also thought I had to earn love. So, I set my north on mothering, nourishing, and caring for others as means to find mattering, belonging, and purpose. My yearning to be loved became the fuel to sacrificing my own needs in service of others.

I became the rescuer, the one who was always available, understanding, forgiving, protecting, and putting others’ needs first – everywhere and always.

That is how I paved my way to becoming a self-sufficient, goal-driven, easy-going, perfectionist, self-critic, and compassionate woman.

In 2020, I began the life-long journey of soul searching through the Wright Foundation. Since then, I have been diving deeper and deeper into my inner being. Acknowledging, honoring, and expressing my emotions have become the path to finding a life and career filled with more joy and purpose. Being present in tune with my feelings has been an invitation to be fully engaged in my own discovery, growth, development, satisfaction, and transformation. May this be an invitation for you to start your own transformation today! Click here to get started. 

Similar to mine, your transformation, moving from chrysalis to butterfly, could mean:

  • Moving away from feeling less than, inadequate, or not good enough to be on your own side, speaking up your truth, and using your masculine values to assert yourself by asking questions, seeking help, or challenging others.  
  • Moving away from self-beat-up when making mistakes toward taking a step back, breathing, correcting, and being accountable. To learn, innovate, and create instead of punishing and shaming yourself and others. 
  • Moving away from seeing yourself as the “must do it all, know it all, superwoman or superman” to seeing and treating yourself more as a human—a human who is beyond producing, performing, perfecting, pleasing, and protecting—a human who is a gift to the world. 
  • Moving away from serving others out of self-sacrifice to serving from a place of abundance, self-compassion, self-love, and self-care. 

Cultivating a friendship with our emotions and taking responsibility for our own nourishment and self-care are the water and the sun that our souls need to thrive and serve others well.

My purpose is no longer to be loved. My purpose is to love myself, learn, and grow to become more and more human; more me. 

Purposeful growth and transformation invite struggle and pain into the journey. At times, dying is the only way to make space for the new creation – the new, authentic self. We can choose to die, over and over, to old patterns, blockers, myths, rules, and limiting beliefs about ourselves. Have you died to your old self yet?

Here is where we get to rewrite our new redemptive story. 

The story we get to write is not about the women or men we have been. It is not about those who defined us when growing up. The story we get to write is about the women and men that we are becoming.

For me, that story includes a woman who is on her own side, goes for her own well being and satisfaction, ventures into the unknown with confidence and a sense of play and discovery, and shines her own light and truth in service of making a difference. 

What is your purpose? Who are you becoming? What is the story you want to start writing about yourself today?